Executive Search - Headhunter - Personalberatung
Executive Search - Headhunter - Personalberatung
HWE Business Consulting
HWE Business Consulting

HWE Business Consulting supports HR departments with its services, wins suitable candidates for management and specialist positions in just a very short time, advises on all salary issues based on salary studies, and supports candidates optimally throughout the entire application process. HWE Business Consulting thereby lays the foundation for success for its customers and candidates in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

HWE Executive Search


As an expert in headhunting, HWE Business Consulting directly addresses  first and second-tier management levels to win suitable national and international candidates for the best companies in various sectors. We find the best minds based on the diverse experiences of our partners and their network and using databases of candidates and of past successful projects. HWE has optimised its processes in such a way that allows it to present candidates within just a very short time. HWE's partners understand how to use social networks and other recruiting channels  for the search, including telesearch. These skills lead to success much faster than do conventional databases. 


HWE Expert Search


HWE Expert Search applies the successful methods and processes of executive search to specialist searches. The experts at HWE are able to identify suitable candidates by means of a search process and also to make initial contact with employees who are well shielded by their employers. The vacant position is presented to these passive candidates together with the benefits that have been previously worked out. This conversation immediately leads to them being matched or not with a possible placement. The industry experts at HWE are ideally equipped to address passive targets such as these directly, and to inspire them to take on new tasks for future employers. Here, too, speed is one of HWE’s hallmarks.

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