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HWE Business Consulting

HWE Business Consulting

You plan to enter new markets and you are willing to grow and the development of your company should not handicapped because of lack of experienced employees with the right skills.

In that case HWE Business Consulting is your partner. We can support you with our 4 departments Sales, Recruiting, Training & Development and Sales Agency to be successful.

My name is Heinz W. Ebner and I worked for over 20 years in Marketing and Sales. After my studies of Industrial Engineering (Mechnical Engineering and Economics) I joined AVL List, the largest independant combustion engine developer in the world. There I worked as an Product Manager and  in the Sales. I joined Liebherr Transportation, one of the well-known suppliers of airconditioning systems for the railway industry. In addition to that I was responsible for international sales in different companies and my experience grew also as Managing Director in various companies e.g. also in India.

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